How we can help

We offer many areas of help in our local community and surrounding areas. We have helped those God has put in our path with things like landscaping, computer problems and repairs. If we can not help you we would recommend someone who could. Helping others is our goal and we thank God for the abilities He has given us to do it. Below is a list of most of what we can help others with:

  • Landscaping - Mulching, Weeding, Planting Flowers, Fall Leaf Removal and more.
  • Lawn Care - Mowing (Push Mower Only), Trimming, Edging, Some Weed Removal.
  • Computers - Website design and setup, Computer & Software Upgrades, Printer Problems, Error Messages, Virus and Malware Removal and more.
  • Electronics & Technology - Any Electronics Issues, Other Technology Repair or Service.
  • Minor Household Repairs - Spouting Issues, Some Painting, Other Minor Repair Issues.
  • Other - We will try to help in any other ways if possible.

Photo Gallery

Below you will find a little Photo Gallery of some of the projects we have completed recently. Click on images to enlarge

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If you are interested in knowing more about this or would like us to do something for you, please use our Contact Us page and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please know that we try to keep project in our local area to cut down on travel expenses.